be an animal friendly business- with standards.

Protect your customers, your employees, and your business by establishing animal access criteria, and let VERFID accurately, reliably, and objectively help you enforce the requirements. 


Increase your visibility

Users can search your business by name...


Make it simple for animal owners to find your animal access requirements.

or search your business by address.


    Gain new customers when animal owners search for animal friendly businesses in your city or zip code.


Tired of phone calls asking, "Can I bring my dog?".... Let the world know what kind of animals are permitted inside your business


Display your access requirements

What requirements can you set?

  • Choose what species are allowed in your business
  • Set breed limitations
  • Decide if pets are allowed or only emotional support animals
  • Require veterinary health certificates
  • Choose what vaccinations should be administered and up to date 
  • Set minimum age requirements
  • Set minimum length of animal ownership
  • Require an animal behavior and liability agreement

Keep in mind...

It's your business, so you establish the animal access requirements. Make the criteria as stringent, or as lenient, as you see fit. 

For the safety of all parties involved, VERFID always recommends requiring rabies and core animal vaccinations to enter your place of business. 

If you change your mind, just log in to your profile and modify your animal access requirements. 

Receive reliable verification


We review the following documents, so you don't have to:

  • Veterinary Health Certificates
  • Health care provider notes for emotional support animals
  • Vaccination records

Focus on running your business and leave the animal access stuff to us!

Utilizing national registries and professional databases we ensure the documentation is valid, and the required information is present. 

Can you believe all the circled information that's required in a health care provider note that properly communicates the owner's need for an emotional support animal?


Scan the tag when customers arrive...


Utilize your compatible smartphone and the VERFID mobile app to scan the tag.  No special, expensive scanning devices required!



There are only 50,000 implantable microchip readers in the US. 


Our technology gives over 200,000,000 smartphone users the ability to scan a VERFID smart tag!

Immediate feedback


A simple scan of the tag cross references animal access requirements, and provides immediate, objective feedback. 

If requirements are not met, the app will tell you.  The cool part is that customers can scan their tag at home, and receive feedback before arriving at your business- no surprises at the door! 



Using RFID technology to simplify the interaction between animal owners and animal friendly businesses. 


Lets get started!

1 - 50 employees: $50

51 - 250 employees: $150

251 - 1,000 employees: $500

1,000+ employees: Contact for price

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* At this time VERFID access requirements do not apply to service animals. Please refer to the Americans with Disabilities Act for further guidance on service animals. 

Service Animal Guidance (pdf)