Modern Pet access

Modern Pet access

Modern Pet accessModern Pet access

Enrolling is quick and easy

VERFID recognizes that assistance animals are not pets. If applicable, make the distinction of assistance animal during account creation. Assistance animals are 1) service animals and 2) other animals that do work, perform tasks, provide assistance, and/or provide therapeutic emotional support for individuals with disabilities (referred to in account creation as a “support animal”). 

Scan the Tag

In app display after scanning a smart tag.
Give others the tools to contact, care, and connect

Display what matters

Learn access requirements for participating businesses or municipalities

Breed restrictions

Age minimums

Spay / Neuter

Weight limits


Fecal Exam

& more

In app display of participating businesses or municipalities.

In app display of participating pet friendly businesses. 

In app display of smart tag business scans.
Do you meet access requirements?

FInd out

Simply scan your tag in the respective business or municipality profile, and learn whether your animal meets access requirements. If requirements are not met, deficiencies will be displayed. 

Our technology leaves no surprises when your tag is scanned by a business or municipality!

Existing Account


Modify your existing account

  • Update owner information
  • Modify owner or animal profile image
  • Upload pertinent documents (proof of vaccination, health certificates, etc.)
  • Review expiration dates and status of current credentials 
  • Update comments section

Submit direct payments

This feature allows you to submit payments to a selected business or municipality. 

  • Pet licensing fees
  • Pet rent
  • Access fees 
  • And more