the pawsibilities are endless...


Animals play an important role in our liveS! but the thought of losing them is heartbreaking, and doing certain activities with them such as traveling, checking into a boarding facility, or moving into a new residence can have a lot of requirements: ⠀

     Proof of vaccinations, veterinary health certificates, weight restrictions, breed restrictions, behavior agreements, healthcare provider notes for Emotional Support Animals, etc....  


WE AGREE, THE PROCESS OF ANIMAL identification and VERIFICATION CAN BE CUMBERSOME AND CONFUSING AT TIMES. implantable microchips are nice, but we want more for your loved one! Our technology gives over 200,000,000 smartphone users the ability to scan a VERFID smart tag!


our process is simple... you provide us information, and we provide a personalized, secure RFID smart tag that is packed full of useful information. The tag can be scanned using a compatible smart phone and our VERFID mobile app. The tag can be scanned by individuals or participating businesses.

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