Modern Pet access

Modern Pet access

Modern Pet accessModern Pet access


For Businesses and Municipalities: 

Running an effective pet program is essential to success. Relying on employees to understand company policy, and perform documentation review within compliance of Federal and State regulations is unrealistic. Manually tracking fragmented pet credentials (vaccination administration, vaccination expiration, health certificates, reasonable accommodation requests, etc.) is labor-intensive, time consuming, and error prone. 

For Pet Owners: 

Pet policies vary, change often, and are difficult to understand. Plus, completing and submitting pet related documentation is redundant and burdensome. 

For Assistance Animal Owners: 

In addition to the difficulties encountered by pet owners, reasonable accommodation requests are erroneously declined far too often.   



This is Derek, one of the co-founders of VERFID LLC. VERFID is the creator the Smart Pet ID Tag.

Derek Heeger

Brandon Heeger

Brandon Heeger

An accomplished computer engineer, Derek coordinates the development of Web, iOS, and Android applications. He also oversees NFC tag design, and works with operations to streamline the technology for maximum efficiency. 

He is a dog-dad to two rescues, Stella and Alana.  

This is Brandon, one of the co-founders of VERFID LLC. VERFID is the creator the Smart Pet ID Tag.

Brandon Heeger

Brandon Heeger

Brandon Heeger

A physician and former shipboard medical officer, Brandon draws on his leadership experiences to lead product development, strategic partnerships, and go to market strategy.  

He is 'the #1 cat dad' to Beau and Miko. 

Executive Team


Ellen Phillips

Ellen Phillips

Ellen Phillips

Head of Growth, Multi-family Housing & Lodging

Ellen draws on years of experience and success in real estate and entrepreneurship to lead strategic initiatives and alliances relating to multi-family housing & lodging. Her efforts are modernizing the way animals access the places they sleep.

She has a soft spot for her black lab, Kelev.


Adam Warchal

Ellen Phillips

Ellen Phillips

Head of Growth, Transportation

Adam is a seasoned leader. His expertise in logistics across complex operating environments optimizes VERFID's offerings to transportation related businesses, and modernizes the way owners travel with their dogs and cats.

He has a 'wing man' in Costa Rica and a dog named Roscoe.

Expert Consultation


Abby Volin, ESQ

Hunter Like, DVM

Hunter Like, DVM

Abby is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on animal accommodation law.  Her expertise ensures businesses and animal owners receive the highest quality of verification services.

She has the cutest cat, Foxy.


Hunter Like, DVM

Hunter Like, DVM

Hunter Like, DVM

Dr Like is a general practice veterinarian. His expertise and passion for pet health provides valuable insight into establishing safe pet communities.

He enjoys spending time with his rescue, Boomer. 

Giving back

Proud sponsor

This is Pawsitive Warriors Rescue in Ohio. VERFID is a proud sponsor of this pet rescue.

"We are committed to finding safe, loving, committed, permanent homes for all animals in our care as well as educating families to ensure confidence as a pet owner. "