How much does the mobile application cost to download?

It's free! The VERFID mobile app can be downloaded on the App Store and the Play Store. 

My pet already has an implantable microchip- why do I need a VERFID tag?

There are only 50,000 implantable microchip readers in the US. Our technology gives over 200,000,000 smartphone users the ability to scan a VERFID smart tag. 

If I have more than one animal, do I need more than one VERFID account?

No! You'll need to purchase each animal its own unique tag, but you can create the account using the same email address. 

How often do you charge the smart tag?

Never! That's one of the many reasons our technology is so great. No batteries. No maintenance. 

How much does a VERFID tag cost?

$40. This includes account creation, shipping, taxes, and the RFID smart tag. 

What if my dog doesn't wear a collar?

The tag can be carried on a key ring, in a wallet, or in a purse. But keep in mind, if your pet is lost with no smart tag it can't be scanned by the person that finds your pet. 

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